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About Imohachi

Here in Kagoshima, sweet potato production has been flourishing for a long time.
But agriculture in Japan on the whole has been on decline due to the advancing age of the population and a shortage of successors.
With a desire to help farmers to be able to continue to deliver sweet potatoes in a stable manner while maintaining the same great quality and taste, Imohachi was founded in September of 2013.

In 2021, Imohachi changed its name to Japan potato Co., Ltd. Year after year, our agricultural land continues to expand in order to sustainably produce sweet potatoes.
We are also working to develop safe and delicious sweet potatoes through organic and pesticide-free farming.

To share delicious sweet potatoes not only with Japan but overseas as well, the agricultural production company Imohachi changed its name to Japan potato.
In order to continue remembering the feeling of making delicious sweet potatoes, the Imohachi brand name will be used to bring delicious sweet potatoes and sweet potato products to the world.