Our farm

A place where "taste" is born.
A team that raises "taste".

Field and Team



A place where "taste" is born.

Kagoshima Fields Fertilized by Volcanic Ash

The farm that handles our sweet potatoes, and many contracted farms are located in Kagoshima Prefecture.
The Shirasu Plateau that covers Kagoshima Prefecture is a fertile land where Sakurajima volcanic ash falls, water drains well and little fertilizer is needed, making it very suitable for growing sweet potatoes.
In order to deliver delicious sweet potatoes in a stable fashion, we strive to manage soil and field development based on survey data.
We spare no time and vow to keep protecting this land carefully.


A team that raises "taste".

Contract farmers who share thoughts and technology

Our sweet potatoes come from Japapo's production department and our many contract farmers. Japapo and the farmers are exactly "ONE TEAM." We periodically hold workshops, sharing survey data and technologies.
For Japapo, the contract farmers are business partners who provide delicious sweet potatoes, colleagues who we work together with to produce better quality produce and at times we are friends, solving various problems together.
We want to continue delivering delicious sweet potatoes to the world together with these farmers.

Team building

We are Actively Accepting Overseas Agricultural Trainees, Developing Human Resources for the Future

Nowadays, Japanese agriculture is suffering from a severe shortage of farmers and successors.
As a solution, we Japapo are actively accepting overseas agricultural trainees.
Many are trainees from the Philippines who are very motivated, serious, cheerful, and energetic.
In order to help them work comfortably in Japan, we have prepared a comfortable working environment as much as possible by constructing dormitories and helping them get used to life in Japan.
These agricultural trainees are now an integral part of our farms and factories.
We believe that one of our major roles is to provide them with an easy-to-work environment, to convey knowledge and skills, and to develop human resources who will support future agriculture.

The secret of how we deliver safe and delicious sweet potatoes anytime, anywhere. Our factory