Our desire

There's those who nurture, and those who eat.
We make everyone smile with sweet potatoes.

Make a smile


For Customers

For Our Customers

What we always keep in mind in order to deliver delicious sweet potatoes to our many customers is "Stable Supply".
Sweet potatoes are harvested only during the summer and fall seasons and cannot be provided year-round without storing them.

Therefore, we installed a refrigerated storage room that can store 4,000 tons of sweet potatoes, where they are aged to bring out their sweetness after harvest.
There is also a storage facility that performs a "curing treatment" to heal cuts in the sweet potatoes and protect them from germs.

Furthermore, we have increased our own production to increase our supplying stability.

We also have our own fields, which makes it easier to ensure a regular volume of sweet potatoes without relying only on contract farmers.

Our research into improving production technology together with our experience makes it easier to show farmers how to make high quality sweet potatoes.

Our purpose is to deliver more delicious sweet potatoes in a stable manner.

For Farmers

For Our Farmers

We share an "unbreakable bond" with our contract farmers.

Farmers are decreasing due to the aging population, and a relationship of simply buying and selling sweet potatoes does not lead to a supply of high quality.
We dutifully visit our farmers' fields, watch the growth of the sweet potatoes together, and hold lectures on skills at regular workshops.
We believe that working with our farmers and building a relationship of trust will lead to the production of delicious sweet potatoes.

It is said that the geology of the fields determines up to 80% of how the quality of sweet potatoes will turn out.
While Kagoshima's soil, made of volcanic ash from Sakurajima, has good drainage and matches the requirements for good sweet potatoes, the condition within the soil changes day by day.
For this reason, our contract farmers also conduct soil diagnoses and strive to produce based on data, rather than relying solely on instincts.

Japan potato is supported by the hard work of all our farmers.
We feel that building and supporting a relationship of trust is also one of our roles.

For The Future

Sweet Potatoes for a More Delicious Future

Since Fiscal Year 2013, we have expanded the area of our company's fields which are completely pesticide-free.
Due to recent abnormal weather, it is becoming more difficult to maintain the quality of sweet potatoes in Kagoshima.
Agriculture relying on pesticides has limitations, while resting and improving soil has become an important issue.

Our company grows plants in our fields after harvesting the sweet potatoes and cultivates the plants with the soil as "green manure" to fertilize the soil, protect the fields, and prepare the soil to make it easier to grow sweet potatoes.
In order to make safe sweet potatoes over a long span, we are eager to continue and expand our organic methods.

Recently, overseas demand for sweet potatoes produced in Japan has been increasing, and the amount of exports increases year by year.
Sweet potatoes are produced around the world, but sweet potatoes from Kagoshima are not only sweet and delicious, but also have the reputation of being less likely to rot during long-term transportation.

Under the name of "Japan potato", greatly recognized overseas, we deliver delicious sweet potatoes around the world in order to fulfill our dream of creating smiles.