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Make and Deliver Delicious Sweet Potatoes


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Amount Shipped in One Year


Contracted Growing Area

Shipping ranking

Shipping Order by the Type of Sweet Potato Produced

  1. 1st Beni-Kirishima
  2. 2nd Beni-Sakurajima
  3. 3rd Fuji-Murasaki
Shipping ratio

Shipping Ratio by the Type of Sweet Potatoes Handled


Overseas Shipping Ranking

Pesticide-free field

Fields completely free of pesticides

Contract farmers

Number of Contracted Farmers


What is Important in Making Delicious Sweet Potatoes

  1. 01

    Contracted Farmers

    We put our hearts into growing the best sweet potatoes no matter where you are in the world.

  2. 02

    Thorough Quality Control and Storage Management

    We have built a new large-scale curing facility, and the latest large-scale storage facility that can control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

  3. 03

    Collecting Information

    In order to supply delicious and safe sweet potatoes, we always try to improve by collecting new information about potato diseases, new varieties, climate, and requests from customers.

Domestic Top class

In export volume

Domestic top class

At Don Don Donki, the majority of raw and processed sweet potatoes come from Japapo! Japapo baked sweet potatoes are so popular in Hong Kong and Singapore that people are lining up around the block!


What We Want to Do in the Future

In addition to a stable production and supply, we are planning to grow organic and completely pesticide-free crops as a commercial base starting in 2020.
Also, we will work on generating an increasingly stable production and supply of even more delicious and safe sweet potatoes.