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The secret of how we deliver safe and delicious sweet potatoes anytime, anywhere.

A factory of quality



Delivering Delicious Food More Deliciously

Storing and aging of Japapo sweet potatoes to bring out more deliciousness

The key to constantly delivering the harvested sweet potatoes while keeping them more delicious, is storing and aging technology.
First, the harvested sweet potatoes are cured for a set period of time in a high-temperature/high-humidity environment and are protected from various germs by closing the scratches on the surface.
By aging it in a constant temperature storage room, maintained at the optimal temperature and humidity, we can deliver high-quality, high-sugar sweet potatoes constantly year-round.

Every time

Always Delivering Deliciousness

Ensuring a stable supply at any time of the year.

What is important to us is that we can always eat delicious sweet potatoes.
To that end, we have the largest dedicated constant-temperature storage warehouse for sweet potatoes in western Japan.
We also have a factory that can quickly and efficiently perform delivery processes such as sorting, bagging, and boxing sweet potatoes.
By doing so, we are able to deliver sweet potatoes to you at any time of the year, while maintaining quality and taste.

Every where

Delivering Deliciousness Anywhere

Safe and delicious sweet potatoes overseas

Japapo delivers sweet and delicious Japanese sweet potatoes that are popular overseas all around the world, mainly in Asia.
In order to prevent rot and mold during transportation, we use special freshness retention bags to keep the sweet potatoes fresh.
By managing the temperature and humidity inside the shipping container, we can deliver delicious Japanese sweet potatoes to people around the world while maintaining the quality and taste.


Delivering a lot of Deliciousness

While delivering "a lot of deliciousness"
The latest facility also offers "ease of work"

Japapo's strength is mass-producing sweet potatoes and providing storage, aging and shipping facilities in an optimal environment for a stable supply.
The contracted cultivation area covers about 325 hectares and handles about 9,200 tons of sweet potatoes per year.
It is our latest factory, optimized to work efficiently while maintaining quality, that is sending such sweet potatoes to various locations.
A facility that is designed not only to improve work efficiency but also to make it easier for employees to work is one of Japapo's unique features.


Delivering a New Style of Delicious

The new charm and potential of sweet potatoes
Explored through product development

Right now, Japapo sweet potatoes are processed and sold in a variety of products, such as Karinto and sweet potato chips, at affiliated food processing plants throughout Japan.
Every day, we strive to develop products while offering ideas for products that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people and promoting a new appeal for sweet potatoes.
We will continue to focus on product development, and in the future, we are aiming for Japapo to handle everything from production to processing and sales.

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