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About Japapo

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Japapo's Sweet Potato Growing Team "Imohachi"

"Agricultural production corporation Imohachi" is Japapo's production division.
In other words, a team that makes delicious sweet potatoes.

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Imohachi's Commitment to Making Sweet Potatoes

Point 01

Do What Needs to be Done.
That is the Shortcut to Deliciousness

When making sweet potatoes, it is very important to make the soil and manage the fields.
The fields take time in fertilizer design, weeding, pest control, etc. It is important to do what you need to do every day to keep it in good condition.
If you slack even a little, it quickly affects the soil and the flavor of the sweet potato.
"We will do the right thing without slacking."
That has been the Imohachi sweet potato making motto up to now and we will continue to be so in the future.

Point 02

Always Delicious
In order to Deliver Sweet Potatoes

Japapo has delivered sweet potatoes all over the country and around the world, supported by many contract farmers.
Here in Kagoshima, sweet potato production has been active for a long time.
However, Japanese agriculture has faltered due to an aging society and lack of successors.
In order to help such farmers, we started making sweet potatoes and launched the agricultural production corporation "Imohachi" in 2013 to keep delivering sweet potatoes stably while maintaining the same quality and taste.
Imohachi expands its farmland year by year and produces stable sweet potatoes.
Having started to make sweet potatoes at Imohachi, we have accumulated data and know-how on cultivation methods and field creation, and we can now share it with farmers.


We Are Also Recruiting Contract Farmers!

Japapo is looking for contract farmers to grow sweet potatoes together.
Please do not hesitate to consult with us.


What Japapo Values.

  • We will continue to share technology and know-how with contract farmers in order to continue sustainable agricultural production with no hesitation.
  • In cooperation with local producers, we will steadily grow better potatoes.
  • We want many people to enjoy delicious sweet potatoes from Kagoshima that we raised with affection and aim to make everyone happy.


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