Japan sweet potato「Yakiimo」

Try the addictingly delicious
Japanese sweet potatoes!

Once you try one of Japan’s satsumaimo, you’ll never go back to yamuimo!


You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
The taste you’ve been longing for “Japanese satusmaimo.”

Do you know? Japanese "satsumaimo" sweet potatoes are currently booming. At a glance, they look like yamuimo, but in Japan they're usually thought of as a sweet with a gentle, natural sweetness that will make you happy just like magic.
So, what exactly is the appeal of the Japanese sweet potato, satsumaimo? People who have had satsumaimo are saying "It's like nature's candy" and "It reminds me of vanilla cake."

Even now they’re selling these Japanese sweets across the sea in Canadian supermarkets.

So you think "Oh, I get it" and that's all there is to the sweetness of satsumaimo, right?
But not so fast! That's not all. Recently satsumaimo have begun appearing on store shelves in Canada. But there's not enough to go around. So if you want some, keep checking back! Don't you mistake it for yamuimo!

We recommend eating it as “yakiimo” which is very popular in Japan and much of Asia. Just wrap it in tin foil, bake it in the oven, and it’ll be overflowing with sweetness.

There are a lot of different ways to prepare satsumaimo, but the one that people have always said is the best is "yakiimo." Wrap the satsumaimo in tin foil and bake it in the oven. For example, people in Japan used to cook satsumaimo by putting it into a fire with kindling. Don't you think that's a bit of a simply wild way to cook?
An expertly cooked yakiimo will be fluffy and piping hot! The skin will slide right off and a juicy golden nectar will gently ooze out of the sweet potato. You'll feel like the middle has somehow melted into honey. You might regret never having tried this particular texture and sweetness.

Satsumaimo are full of vitamin C and dietary fiber!
Murasakiimo also have anthocyanin!

But the incredible qualities of the satsumaimo isn't just its deliciousness! Satsumaimo are also brimming with dietary fiber and vitamin C. What's more, the vitamin C is protected by starch so it's not lost during the heating process. Besides that, they also contain potassium, polyphenol, vitamin B1, vitamin E, and jalapin so they could be good for your health and figure.

We also have superb satsumaimo sweets!

This satsumaimo. The fact is, it's being recognized as a popular food in Asia. Again, in Japan there aren't just a variety of ways of cooking like fried dough cakes, dried sweet potatoes, chips, etc. A lot of sweets are manufactured from satsumaimo and are increasingly being sold to citizens of Japan in supermarkets and convenience stores. Don't miss your chance, try one.

Kagoshima is the number one producer of satsumaimo in Japan!
We’re shipping delicious sweet potatoes around the world.

In Japan, Kagoshima is famous for its satsumaimo production. Satsumaimo originally come from Kagoshima and have spread to the rest of Japan, but Kagoshima is still the number one producer in the country. Japapo delivers delicious satsumaimo to Kagoshima and soon the whole world. Starting with Asia, the delivery of satsumaimo to the world has begun. The new face of Japan as the breadbasket for the world might not be so far away. Your smile tomorrow will come from a satsumaimo.


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